Oaxaca, Mexico

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Oaxaca is a beautiful colonial city located a little over 300 miles south of Mexico City. The city owes its fame to the beauty and harmony of its architecture, the richness of its cultural traditions, the wide variety of its typical foods, and its soft temperate climate, that is spring-like throughout the year. Its name comes from the Indian word Huaxyácal. In Oaxaca you will find an incredible mix of both Spanish and indigenous cultures.

The center of Oaxaca is made up entirely of colonial buildings and churches. You can spend days just walking through the narrow streets of Oaxaca visiting all the old buildings and admiring the lovely courtyards located within them. The Zocalo, the most important part of any Mexican town, is especially interesting. Surrounding the area are many sidewalk cafes and restaurants where you can sit in the sun and enjoy watching the activities in the plaza. The area is always full of vendors, locals, tourists, and during the nights, there are always bands playing.

From the zocalo, the city proceeds in an orderly manner on streets extremely clean and full of flowing traffic. Close by, one of the main streets is closed to cars. It connects the Zocalo with the Santo Domingo Temple and it known as “Andador Turistico” (Tourist Boulevard). The Contemporary Art Museum is located here as are many of the old colonial houses, various galleries, restaurants, and some of the most distinguished jewelry and handcraft stores in the city. At the end of the Tourist Boulevard stands the exceptional Santo Domingo Temple, a splendid example of Mexican baroque architecture.

Our Recommendation
Excellent program for historians of Mesoamerica. Cultural students can witness the true meaning of “The day of the Dead”. Oaxaca also will give you a feel of fulfillment due to the volunteer work offered.

Wynton’s World Study Abroad Program (WWSAP) carefully selects chaperones on the basis of language ability, maturity, patience, judgment, professionalism, and their ability to earn the respect and trust of our adult participants. Most chaperones are Spanish teachers or natives of the chosen country with extensive travel abroad experience; some are full-time WWSAP staff with educational backgrounds, and all are enthusiastic leaders, fully trained by WWSAP, and highly dedicated to promoting intercultural understanding on the global level.


A major reason why Spanish immersion programs are so effective relates to the fact that you have the opportunity to live with a host family. All host families (and other accommodations) are located, approved and overseen by each respective language school. When staying with a host family, you will have the chance to practice the Spanish you learned in class in a natural family setting. Because of their interest in your progress, you will find that stay­ing with a host family is a nonthreatening environment where you can practice and improve your Spanish. As your relationship with the family grows so will your confidence and motivation to learn. Another great benefit with host family accommodations, relates to the fact that in many cases, you will find yourself participating in family activities. They will take you to restaurants, local markets, professional soccer matches, and on various trips within the city and its surrounding areas.

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The principal objective of WWSAPs language program is to provide students with quality language instruction. All our foreign schools share our vision and goals. All our foreign schools are comprised of teaching professionals with university training and experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. They regularly attend training seminars and workshops so that they can provide the best language instruction possible. All our schools offer between 7-9 different levels of Spanish, all classes taught entirely in Spanish (regardless of level), focus on both grammar and conversation, class size restricted to a 3-9 students, which makes it possible for every student to participate in directed and spontaneous Spanish conversation, which WWSAP sees as crucial to effective language study. Classes are held in the morning, Monday – Friday, from 8am – 12pm or 10am – 2pm depending on the program. Two sessions with a 20-30 minute break for stretching & refreshments. Students may receive a short homework assignment each day to reinforce the day’s learning. All materials are included except a Spanish/English dictionary. A certificate of Attendance will be issued once your program is complete.

Activities & Excursions

At Wynton’s World we are aware that our students should learn the Spanish language and culture not only in class but also in their free time. For this reason we have carefully organized a vast selection of socio‐cultural activities, most of them free or for a very reasonable price. These exciting adventures are all designed to enrich your experience with hands-on opportunities to explore the culture and surroundings of Spain.

Every Monday morning new students are informed about the basics such as the timetable, the activities offered during your program. Orientation is held by one of the teachers and is the perfect place to ask all the questions about the city, the accommodation, the classes or the activities that the students might have. You’ll also receive a Useful Guide, with all the information about the school and the city of Salamanca. Price: included in the program fee.

The general guided tour of Salamanca takes place on the first day of class and gives the student the opportunity to get to know the monuments and places of interest of their new city. Furthermore, every Friday we offer more specialized visits to the University building, to the cathedrals or to the San Esteban Monastery. Accompanied by a teacher, the student will get to know the history, the artistic details and the secrets of the most significant monuments of Salamanca. Price: included in the program fee.


Leave your typical summer behind and study abroad with WWSAP! Most WWSAP programs require participants to be at least 15 years old with some Spanish language study completed prior to the summer trip. (You are still welcome if you have no Spanish Language skills). A positive attitude is essential to your acceptance, and more important is your sincere desire to immerse yourself in a foreign language and culture. As we all know, the individual benefits of an experience are directly proportional to the amount of personal effort put in.

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International Airfare, Airport pickup & drop off, Private room with a host family + half board (Breakfast and dinner or breakfast and lunch). 20hrs Spanish instruction, Entrance fees and transportation to weekly activities, weekend excursion.

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Application fee, baggage fees, spending money, tips, leisure transportation, travel insurance or private lessons.

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