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Last Modified July 3, 2021

Wynton’s World is more than a company. It’s an expression of life we call Mi Casa es su Casa! – Our passion for 100% student/client satisfaction. We want our students to feel at home when participating in one of our courses. So we invest a great deal in our instructors and staff members and in a positive work environment. Here, we truly listen and care. And we want our whole staff to succeed so we offer extensive training and self-development, flexible schedules, and most importantly, a place you can call Mi Casa es su Casa! (My House is your House). Wynton’s World is an equal opportunity employer.

Administrative Staff

Customer Service

The friendly voice of Wynton’s World is our customer service team and they are dedicated to helping all our students and passengers with any questions by phone or email. With intimate knowledge of all our courses, programs, destinations, excursions, and events, we pride ourselves on being able to give you all the inside tips and tricks, and providing helpful answers and advice whenever, and wherever we can.


All of the Wynton’s World branding, marketing, and communication you see is done right here: in-house, live from our Cary office. Our Creative and Communications teams consist of talented and dynamic graphic designers, videographers, copywriters, web designers, web developers, social media gurus, and marketing strategists and managers. They oversee and produce all of our social media, traveler communications, partnerships, and special projects.


Our sales team drives the company forward, keeping us one of North Carolina’s fastest growing companies. Every day, we’re working with students, community leaders and business owners to help them plan their travel needs. And when you’re selling a product you’re excited and passionate about, well, as our sales team will tell you, it doesn’t feel like selling at all!


Our finance team provides us with the information to make key strategic decisions and investments in the future of the company. Bookkeeping, accounts payable, receivable, expenses, payroll are all functions of our finance department.

Human Resources

Focused on recruitment, training, and culture, we ensure that Wynton’s World attracts and retains the best staff. We’re constantly innovating as we develop and implement the best practices to establish Wynton’s World as one of the top places to work.

Internship Program

A Wynton’s World Internship is unlike any other program you’ve heard about. It wasn’t that long ago that most of us were students – trying to fit in and get our foot in the door. We’re always looking for talent and determination in young leaders because that’s how we got to where we are today.

Academic Staff


To help students learn subject matter and skills that will contribute to their development in learning. Prepare course objectives and outlines for course of study following program guidelines and requirements with Wynton’s World frameworks; Lecture, demonstrate, and use audiovisual teaching aids to present subject matter to class; prepare, administer, correct tests, record results, assign lessons, correct papers, and hear oral presentations.

Travel & Tour Staff

Tour Director

In every destination, the tour director oversees the traveler experience, events, and excursions and manages the destination staff. The most senior position in every destination, tour directors manage any high level emergencies, medical situations and supplier relations. This role requires minimum 7 days travel and up to 2 months travel.

Trip Leader

From departure gate to arrival gate, our Trip Leaders are responsible for a specific group of travelers, give them all the tips and tricks of travel, and get them amped to experience every activity, excursion and event. The days are packed, and the nights are long, but you can sleep when you get home, right? This role requires between 5 and 10 days of travel.

Campus Representative

Are you that guy or girl on campus who has a huge group of friends and all the connections? Become a Wynton’s World Campus Rep and reap some incredible benefits! Gain commission, earn a FREE* Spring Break trip, get group deals and build your resume.

How to Apply

Ready to start a career with Wynton’s World? We look forward to meeting you and reviewing your application.