Become a better communicator in English

ESL Course

Do you want to give the final push to your English in a short time? Would you like to improve your fluency above all? The Language Café method based on conversation will help you achieve your goals. Do not miss the opportunity to learn English in a practical and productive way with our course. Our course is dynamic and very practical conversation-based classes focused on real-life situations. Classes take place in our charming cafe sitting room. The atmosphere of the classes is more relaxed and informal than a class to use, which encourages greater student participation and use of time. The groups are VERY small with a maximum of 6-8 people, so that everyone can participate freely and receive very personalized classes as well as dynamic and entertaining.

  • There are 3 different levels of learning: Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced. Take the pretest below to see what level you are. This will ensure that you get the most out of your course and we will form the groups based on the level of English of those interested.
  • Two schedules available: morning (Tues & Thurs from 10 am – 12 pm) or afternoon (Mon & Wed 6 pm – 8 pm).
  • 4 week course | 16 hours | $125 per course