Study Abroad Evaluation

WWSAP always need the help of students who have participated in one of our programs to assist with prospective students.  Your feedback is critical in helping WWSAP live up to the high standards that we set for ourselves. We especially appreciate detailed, honest responses regardless of whether they are positive or negative. We value the opportunity to improve our services and your comments are what makes this possible. Please complete the following form.


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    Usefulness of pre-departure information provided by us

    Usefulness of Website Content

    Accuracy of publicity materials in describing the program you experienced

    What other information could have been included in a predeparture program packet?


    Instructors' expertise with subject matter

    Instructors' openness to student questions

    Usefulness of class assignments

    Availability of resource materials

    Approachability of professors and lecturers

    Overall quality of text and/or other required reading materials

    Overall quality of course content


    Opportunities to meet students/people from host country

    Cultural excursions planned by host institution or WWSAP

    Availability to travel independently (If Applicable)


    Helpfulness of on-site administrators

    Approachability of administrators

    Support services provided by administrators


    Cleanliness of Accommodations

    Compatibility with host family/roommates/fellow residents

    Accessibility of accommodation to class

    Accessibility of accommodation to center of town

    Accessibility of accommodation to public transportation

    Accessibility of accommodation to retail stores (i.e. food, restaurants, and shops)

    Quality of food

    Quantity of food


    Answer the following questions YES or NO

    Did you feel safe in your host country?

    Did you feel academically prepared for your study abroad experience?

    Has the study abroad experience influenced your career plans?

    Did you have any difficulty adjusting to the culture?

    Please list three Personal Highlights of the program

    Please list three personal low points of the program

    Would you recommend this program to your friends?

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