All students live with local families in what we call a homestay. The homestay is an important part of the immersion program. Homestay hosts are a diverse group: young and old, married couples with children, single people living alone, groups of people sharing housing, working people and retirees, professionals and shop owners, scientists and schoolteachers, artists and artisans, etc. We try to match students with hosts with similar interests. The hosts offer their homes because they want to meet you and because they want to help Wynton’s World. During the week, students are busy at school and usually have time only for late evening and breakfast conversations with hosts, but on weekends students are free to spend time with their hosts.

Meals are a time for conversation and are part of the immersion experience. Students have breakfast and dinner with their hosts’ families each day. Students often prepare dishes from their home countries and are encouraged to invite their hosts and friends to dinner. On weekends, students have meals with their homestay hosts unless they are on a weekend excursion.

Wynton’s World guarantees that you will have:

  • Centrally located accommodations that is near to the school and no longer than a 15-30 minutes away.
  • Rooms are ready from 2:00 pm onward on the Sunday before your first day on the course. You have the room until 11:00 am on the Saturday following your last day. You will need to let us know in advance if you are going to require extra nights.
  • The possibility of mixing multiple accommodation types when staying longer than four weeks.
  • All special requirements are taken into consideration such as a vegetarian diet, any allergies, etc…
  • All bills included in the prices listed.
  • The possibility to stay in a hotel

If, for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied with your accommodation we will make changes as soon as possible.