How to Apply

Welcome to our Online Application!

Wynton’s World Study Abroad (WWSAP) has made it easy for you to apply. Please read through the following steps thoroughly and you’ll be on your way toward an exciting opportunity to study in the country of your dreams!

If you have already read these instructions and are ready to begin, click here to begin the application process now.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our phone number is (919) 840-8108 or you can also email us. We’ll be glad to answer your questions!

Please note: This online application is for U.S. residents only. A valid credit card is required to pay the $150 application fee. If you are applying to multiple programs a $150 application fee is required for each program. Please have your card ready before you begin the application. If you live outside of the U.S. or if you wish to pay the deposit with a check or money order, you must mail your application. The $150 application fee is non-refundable.

Your online application fee will be made through PayPal, a secure online site. The balance of your program fees must be paid prior to the payment deadline to avoid a late fee. You may pay remaining balance by check, certified check or money order. Credit cards may not be used for any portion of the program price other than the application fee.

Gather the necessary information

In order to be admitted to an WWSAP program, you must provide the following:

  1. The complete application, which WWSAP will automatically receive at the end of the online form. Please have your passport information available. You will not be able to save your progress to complete later.
  2. The $150 application fee, per program, paid by credit card at the end of this application process. This application fee is nonrefundable. Please review our cancellation policy for more details about the refunds.
  3. WWSAP Online Application Supplemental pages. You will be given the opportunity to download these forms at the end of this application.

Please download this information before you leave the website.

Check due dates and review the WWSAP cancellation policy

Applications should be submitted as soon as possible. WWSAP accepts applications on a rolling basis. Check the final application due dates for the program of your choice, and submit your application accordingly. Due to high enrollment, WWSAP recommends submitting applications ASAP before the application due date. Students who have not paid in full by the final forms and payment due date are subject to a late fee of $150.

Before you continue, please review the WWSAP cancellation policy:

Complete this online application and prepare the remainder of your application package

In the next pages you will provide the information WWSAP needs to evaluate your application. Please read each step of the application carefully and fill out all fields completely.

We’ll receive your online application as soon as you complete the process and your credit card payment has been approved for the application fee. The remainder of your application package requires original signatures, and must be mailed to us. You will be given an opportunity to download all necessary forms upon completion of your online application. We must receive these completed forms before the application deadline date in order to be considered.

If you decide to apply using a traditional paper application, you can download a copy, click here.

Don’t forget to double-check your application package! When it is complete, send it to us at:

PO Box 1702 Cary, NC

The information you are about to enter will be retained for internal use only, and will not be shared with anyone outside of WWSAP.After you have read all of the information on this page, click the button below to begin.