Listening Lessons

Learning Oral English Online. An online conversation book with ten lessons including Meeting Friends, Apartment Hunting, and Shopping in USA.

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab. One of the largest ESL listening training resource on the Web with various interesting topics for three different levels.

Focus English. A conversation site created by John Liang, University of California, Riverside, with contents added frequently.

Foreign Languages for Travelers. An excellent site for people who want to quickly learn some useful English or other foreign language phrases.

ComAudio. A program you can download and set up to listen to news, stories, and songs with text displayed.

Integration of Listening, Reading and Speaking Skills. A pioneer ESL website which is the earliest in using Web audio.

Using Idioms in Conversations. Listening to a dialogue in which an idiom is used.

Voice of America RealAudio Programs Listening to VOA English programs including Dateline, Issues in the News, Music Mix, and Special English.

CNN Streaming Video News. You can watch CNN headline news online with your real player.

KXTV News Stories. Selected news stories for educational use. You can choose to listen to the news, read the text, or watch the video.

Download a realPlayer to watch real video news every day. RealPlayer.