Learn Spanish in Oaxaca, Mexico

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Oaxaca is a beautiful colonial city located a little over 300 miles south of Mexico City. The city owes its fame to the beauty and harmony of its architecture, the richness of its cultural traditions, the wide variety of its typical foods, and its soft temperate climate, that is spring-like throughout the year. Its name comes from the Indian word Huaxyácal. In Oaxaca you will find an incredible mix of both Spanish and indigenous cultures.

The center of Oaxaca is made up entirely of colonial buildings and churches. You can spend days just walking through the narrow streets of Oaxaca visiting all the old buildings and admiring the lovely courtyards located within them. The Zocalo, the most important part of any Mexican town, is especially interesting. Surrounding the area are many sidewalk cafes and restaurants where you can sit in the sun and enjoy watching the activities in the plaza. The area is always full of vendors, locals, tourists, and during the nights, there are always bands playing.

From the zocalo, the city proceeds in an orderly manner on streets extremely clean and full of flowing traffic. Close by, one of the main streets is closed to cars. It connects the Zocalo with the Santo Domingo Temple and it known as “Andador Turistico” (Tourist Boulevard). The Contemporary Art Museum is located here as are many of the old colonial houses, various galleries, restaurants, and some of the most distinguished jewelry and handcraft stores in the city. At the end of the Tourist Boulevard stands the exceptional Santo Domingo Temple, a splendid example of Mexican baroque architecture.

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