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Spanish Events

Club de Lectura

Join our legendary Spanish event: Reading Club on the last Friday of every month. Learning Spanish through literature. Perfecting and practicing Spanish vocabulary through Spanish American literature master pieces like Pablo Neruda – Chile, Rubén Darío – Nicaragua, Benedetti – Uruguay, Isabel Allende – Chile, Angeles Mastretta – México, Roa Montero – España, Gabriel García Márquez – Colombia, Julio Cortazar – Argentina and much more!! The course is taught entirely in Spanish.


This event uses film, the most influential audiovisual medium of our time, to provide a powerful multi-dimensional experience. The integration of compelling Spanish-language films with comprehensive discussion and classroom materials will not only transport you across Latin-America fostering a deeper understanding of cultural context and idiomatic expression, but will also broaden your learning experience. Event includes the film screening. Drinks and tapas should be purchased separately.

Noche de Cartas

Designed for everyone, from complete Spanish beginners to those who want to widen their current vocabulary, you can play with friends or family taking turns to challenge each other’s knowledge. Our focus is on having fun, meeting new friends and of course speaking Spanish.  

Cocinando en Español

Mexican Moles, Cuban Sandwiches, Peruvian Ceviche’s and Spanish tapas are all synonymous of Latin American cuisine. Why not take home both the Spanish language and some Spanish culture so that you can feel like you are on holiday every day of the year. Spain & Latin America is infamous for its cuisine, which are served up alongside some of the most popular drinks around. You will learn how to make some typical Spanish & Latin American cuisine and even brush up on your Spanish language skills.

Clases de Baile

You’ve tried the salsa lesson drop-ins at your local club. You’ve gone to a club where you are one of a hundred people trying to learn in a crowded space. Here our groups are kept under twelve dancers. We have everything to loosen up your hips from Beginners to Advanced, and often run workshops on other latin dance, i.e. Bachata, Cumbia, Flamenco just to name a few.

What better way to enjoy the language and culture by joining one of our Spanish events! From wine tasting to music, to film, we have something to suit every latin taste!