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Spanish Exchange

Spanish Cafe offers FREE conversational Spanish with native teachers and volunteers in the most charming cafe in your city, “Cafe con Leche”

At Spanish Cafe, you can come enjoy some hot drinks and delicious dessert while practicing and learning Spanish! Spanish Café is a friendly, informal Spanish club. We organize regular Spanish exchange evenings to practice speaking in our café. 

Café con Leche is located at 967 N Harrison Ave inside Wynton’s World Cooking School. You can come to a new members’ introductory meeting before deciding to join. Otherwise you can email us at for more information about coming to try an exchange. It’s FREE to participate. Our schedule is posted on our WebsiteFacebook and Meetup Page.

You can join Spanish Cafe at most exchanges. If you would like more information about Spanish Cafe activities, please email: Our open hours are on our schedule is posted on our WebsiteFacebook and Meetup Page). During these hours you may immerse yourself in your target language. Our native speaking volunteers will converse with you and all who participate come ready to speak, regardless of their language level.

Although Spanish Cafe promotes speaking in your target language as much as possible, we have multilingual staff available should you need to speak your native language.

Our Tutors

Alexandra Reyes


Native speaker with over 7 years of experience teaching Spanish. Hello!! My name is Alexandra. I’m from Dominican Republic. I have a bachelors degree in Spanish. I specialize in 100% conversation in Spanish. I’m great for high-intermediate – advanced learners.

Lorena Leyva-Ruiz


Native speaker with over 12 years of experience teaching Spanish. Hello!! My name is Lorena. I’m from Mexico. I have a bachelors and Masters degree in Education. I enjoy teaching and helping people communicate; teaching has always been my passion. I’m great with Beginners.

Alberto Barragan


Marine Corp veteran and have been fortunate to serve with some amazing people. Spanish is my first language. Teaching Spanish is one way of continuing to serve people and help them in their pursuit of obtaining a second language. Join me for a drink and conversation!