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What’s My Spanish Level?

Survival Spanish

The student understands some words and expressions but does not master the foreign language. The student understands simple sentences, instructions and descriptions used in everyday life, but only uses isolated words and expressions, in incomplete sentences, without real grammatical content

Beginner Conversational – (A1)

The student masters certain example sentences and knows how to write them but can hardly understand everyday language. Responds with school language with simple turns of phrase.

Pre-Intermediate Conversational – (A2)

The student understands the language with some difficulty, except in some precise situations. Can read simple texts. Although makes frequent mistakes, is capable of expressing him/herself in several sentences in a limited number of areas.

Intermediate Conversational – (B1)

The student often restarts sentences in order to be understood and does not yet master special turns of phrase. Grammar, accentuation and vocabulary sometimes have gaps. Good general understanding.

Pre-Advanced Conversational – (B2)

The student understands everyday language. In spite of some grammar and expression mistakes, is capable of expressing general ideas with nuances. Language knowledge is sufficient, operational, to use in the professional world.

Advanced Conversational – (C1)

The student masters the structure of the foreign language, both oral and written. He/she is capable of expressing him/herself confidently in various situations and of understanding the language spoken by natives. He/she is still recognized by the prudent use of the language, his/her expressions learned by heart or the absence of idiomatic expressions.

Full-Fluent Conversational – (C2)

The student understands almost everything, including idiomatic expressions. In spite of occasional errors, he/she is close to mother tongue level, even in complex situations.

Mother Tongue

Acquired without doubt following a long stay in immersion, the student masters the foreign language fluently and with precision. At a level sometimes superior to that of some native speakers, with perhaps less idiomatic expressions.

Spanish Pretest

This online Spanish test consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. We suggest you allow 20 minutes to complete the test. You will find the correct answers at the end of the exercise. Good luck!