TOEFL Preparation

At Wynton’s World, we offer a TOEFL™ test-preparation program that helps you to bridge the gap between general English language knowledge and recognized acceptance of your abilities by colleges, universities and employers.

Many students learning English know that strong English skills alone are not enough to guarantee success on TOEFL™. To succeed on this test, students need specialized skills and strategies for improved performance on the test.

Our preparation class is designed specifically for non-native speakers of English and offers you a comfortable, yet challenging, study environment. This unique program focuses on learning the test-taking skills and strategies that you need to score well on the TOEFL™ exam. TOEFL™ test-preparation classes at Wynton’s World can be your first step toward future study or employment in the United States.

About the Test

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL™) is a standardized test that measures the English proficiency of students wishing to enter college, university or the workplace in English-speaking academic / professional settings. The Internet Based Test (iBT) TOEFL™, also known as The Next Generation TOEFL™ Test, assesses the four basic language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing. The content of all four sections is equivalent to first-year university-level material in both conversational and academic situations.


  • Test time: Approximately 4 – 5 hours
  • Reading: 3-5 passages about academic topics such as biology, psychology and archeology
  • Listening: 6-9 passages; 2-3 conversations about campus life and 4-6 academic lectures
  • Break: approximately 10 minutes
  • Speaking: 6 tasks; 2 independent that ask for the student’s opinion about a variety of everyday topics and 4 integrated tasks that combine both conversations and academic reading, listening and speaking
  • Writing: 1 integrated essay that combines reading, listening and writing and 1 independent essay on a non-academic topic.
  • Scoring: 1-120 points. Test takers will receive a scaled score on each of the four skill areas tested (0-30 points each) in addition to an overall score which is a summary of the four skill area scores.

Our Program

Wynton’s World offers a two-month TOEFL™ preparation course that is unique in that it combines classroom, online and one-on-one instruction. We offer a welcoming, challenging and creative environment to help prepare you for your best performance.

The first month introduces students to the overall test format, the four sections of the test, the types of questions they can expect in each section, strategies and guidelines for selecting the best answer and practice testing. We also work on developing supporting academic skills such as reading and listening comprehension, paraphrasing, note-taking and summarizing.

The second month builds on the skills and knowledge acquired in the first month with an increased focus on practice testing, shared constructive criticism of our work, and advanced essay-writing techniques.

In both sessions we also focus on building vocabulary, understanding common word prefixes and roots and reviewing selected grammar components.

This online English test consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. We suggest you allow 20 minutes to complete the test. You will find the correct answers at the end of the exercise. Good luck!