Why Choose Us

There are many great reasons to choose Wynton’s World as your English center.  Here are the Top 10 reasons to study English in Cary, North Carolina with us!

1)      We are a small, intimate center: At Wynton’s World, we care about you!  Here, you won’t be lost in the crowd. We are a small English center where the teachers and staff get to know you. A small staff means more individual attention and a great environment in which to learn. You are not just a number to us!

2)      Reduced class size: We have a high teacher/student ratio, averaging only 7 students per class. English is learned with practice – the smaller the classes, the more rapidly your language abilities will improve. Make Wynton’s World your top choice of learning English quickly!

3)      Location, location, location: If you didn’t already know by now Raleigh, North Carolina is one of the safest cities in the whole USA. In fact just a few years ago we were the 2nd on the list of safest places to visit and live.

4)      International flavor: Our students come from all regions; we are well represented by Europe, Asia and the Americas, and no more than 25% of our students come from any one region.  The result is an active and diverse student body … all speaking English!

5)      Experienced, friendly teachers: All of our instructors are native English speakers, with extensive experience teaching in English schools. Our teachers will engage you in a dynamic, interactive class. Enthusiastic and creative, they will help you feel comfortable speaking English!

6)      Student activities and: Our daily activities and weekend tours are the perfect way to practice your English outside the classroom.  From walking tours of Cary, NC to movie night, we’ll make sure your English learning doesn’t end when your classes do.

7)      Tradition: Wynton’s World has been in business since 1998, we have earned the confidence of our students and our community over the years. Here yesterday and today, we’ll be here tomorrow as well.

8)      Quality learning methods: We offer 6 different levels of Intensive English. Our comprehensive placement test ensures that we find the right level for you. The classes are student-centered, focusing on your needs; they include a range of materials and topics presented in a compelling way.  Learning English with us will be fun!

9)      College preparation: English as a Second Language (ESL) may be your first step on a longer road of English study in the United States, which could include TOEFL preparation, or university counseling and placement.  Our test-preparation methods will help you score higher as you make your journey. Let Wynton’s World help you with your long-range plans!

10)  Best value for your money: We encourage you to compare us with higher-priced English schools around the country. With our small class setting, engaging teachers, central location, and low prices, you will find that choosing Wynton’s World adds up to top value!